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Christmas pudding

The origins of the Christmas pudding


Do you know all about the history of our humble Christmas pudding? Here’s what we’ve found out…

  • In the 17th century the famous diarist Samuel Pepys called it ‘brave plum porridge’ as it was not so much a pudding in those days and was originally made with oats not wheat.
  • It was once ‘banned’ by Oliver Cromwell as he felt it was gluttonous. He also tried to ban Christmas completely in 1644.
  • In the 1700s meat, apart from suet, was removed from the pudding.
  • King George I brought ‘Christmas pottage’ fully back into favour in 1714 when he declared how much he enjoyed it – proving celebrity endorsement meant a lot even in those days.
  • It was the Victorians who decided to use moulds and basins and opted for wheat as an ingredient to make the mix spongier in consistency.
  • Victorian cook Eliza Acton (1799-1859) published the first ever recipe for ‘Christmas pudding’ in 1830. It has remained similar in look and taste ever since.
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