Country ways – DIY weather forecasts

For anyone who is British and, thus, has an endless fascination with the weather, here’s our handy, traditional guide on how to find out what’s in store for the weekend without googling it! Knowing your clouds is crucial – rain is coming if they become very large. Anvil-shaped cumulonimbus lean towards hail, thunder and lightning. […]

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We’re backing British Food Fortnight

We’re celebrating British Food Fortnight, which runs from September 23 until October 8, by promoting the suppliers on our doorstep. We always like to support our local suppliers, but during the event we’ll be doing more to plug them wherever possible, as we’re big advocates of eating as seasonally as possible, and of consuming produce […]

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How to pick and store your apples

Apples are one of the oldest fruits known to man, and still the most widely grown and savoured of all fruit. But which apples you grow and how you store them can greatly affect your long-term enjoyment of the crop. The earliest varieties will be ready for picking and eating in August, while some of […]

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Why poet laureate Robert Southey loved Exmoor

Robert Southey (1774-1843) isn’t perhaps as well-known as his famous English romantic poet counterparts, Wordsworth and Coleridge, but he still had an important role to play in the nation’s poetic landscape. Despite his fall into obscurity today, Southey was a celebrated poet in his time and established an experimental writing partnership with Coleridge. He was […]

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Preparing the hotel for autumn & winter

At our hotel, we’re sticklers for the details and keeping everything in excellent condition and the rooms well looked after are a vital part of our on-going success. At this time of year, Jane and our housekeeping team are busy keeping everything spick and span. Here are a few of their top tips: Just as […]

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Using herbs in the winter months

During the winter, any herbs you grow outside will naturally die back, but with some sensible forward planning you can keep using them in your cooking throughout the colder months. Freshly-picked herbs are definitely the best for flavour. Mints, sages and parsleys can all be potted up around now and brought inside in September to […]

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