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Grow your own figs

At this time of year, the figs in our garden are starting to come into their own and in September, if not sooner, we’ll be using them for all sorts of dishes in the restaurant. Our John isn’t just a talented chef he also knows a thing or two about gardening and here he gives […]

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Cook with homegrown herbs this summer

Now’s the time for planting herbs. Conditions are perfect in the summertime while the weather is warm and hopefully the livin’ is easy! Our gourmet gardener, co-owner and top chef, John gives his tips below on how you can get the best from your homegrown herbs. Before you do anything, consider where you will put […]

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broad beans low res

Sell your own surplus

If you’re one for growing your own and you’ve seen a bumper harvest this year, with more expected, then you may be thinking of selling your surplus produce. Before creating yourself a tidy little side-line that could help pay for holidays, treats and Christmas, there are a couple of things you need to take on […]

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John veg bed - Copy

Time for some salad tips

It’s still not too late to get some plants potted up or to sow salad direct into a window box, growbag or similar container and to grow your own says our gardening gourmet, John. Go for leaves Salad leaves are a good starting place as they are quick to germinate and grow and take up […]

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Figs from the garden at Dunkery Beacon2

A taste for the exotic

Our gardening gourmet John loves his exotic fruits such as citrus, grapevines, figs, olives and melons. Here are his top tips on how to grow them in the UK: Citrus Oranges and lemons love the sunshine and prefer to be grown in a conservatory or heated greenhouse, but in the summer you can move them […]

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Herbs in pots left basil and right thyme

Growing herbs

Herbs can be grown in borders, beds, rock gardens, in tubs and hanging baskets and of course, on window sills for convenience when cooking. Here our co-owner, top chef and gardening gourmet, John gives his tips for growing your own herbs to use in the kitchen. They’re easy to care for and only require picking […]

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