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Celebrating Somerset cider apples

Once again, this year, we’re supporting, Common Ground’s Apple Day on October 21 in celebration of the British apple. The event aims to raise awareness of our national and local varieties and traditional orchards. This year we’ve been doing some research into Somerset’s oldest, traditional cider apple varieties and have found nearly 100 varieties unique […]

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10 fun facts about apples

Next month it’s National Apple Day (October 21) and, as we grow our own apples here and love to use them in our kitchen, we’ve been doing some research about the fruit and here are 10 fun facts we’ve found out: 1. Fossilised remains of apples have been found in prehistoric lake settlements in Switzerland. […]

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How to pick and store your apples

Apples are one of the oldest fruits known to man, and still the most widely grown and savoured of all fruit. But which apples you grow and how you store them can greatly affect your long-term enjoyment of the crop. The earliest varieties will be ready for picking and eating in August, while some of […]

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