Sautéed oysters with Bossington sea beet

_dsc0530-john-cooking-the-oysters-on-the-beach-at-porlockIf you’re lucky enough to get your hands on some oysters then this dish John cooked on a driftwood fire for sautéed oysters with garlic, shallots, Bossington sea beet and pickled apple is a great one to try.

The sea beet was foraged from the salt marsh at Bossington near the hotel.

Serves two
6 fresh Porlock bay oysters shucked and drained of most of the brine
1 banana shallot finely chopped.
1 clove of garlic finely chopped
6 medium leaves of sea beet shredded
Half apple peeled and roughly chopped
Lemon oil for frying

  • In a medium, thick bottom sauté pan sweat off the onion and garlic until soft.
  • Add the oysters and cook through until the oyster meat is firm.
  • Add the sea beet and continue cooking until the leaf is wilting.
  • To make the pickled apple, soak a diced apple in white wine vinegar for a couple of hours. John used Royal Gala, but any dessert apple will do. It will keep for up to a month left in the vinegar.
  • Spoon the oysters and sea beet back into the oyster shells and dress with a small amount of pickled apple in each.
  • Serve immediately with a glass of Muscadet!

Jane, who is an experienced wine expert, recommends Muscadet Sevre et Mains sur Lie with this dish.