Environmental Policy

We recognise our obligation to operate in an environmentally responsible way and so we undertake all practical measures to be as environmentally-friendly as possible.

Measures that we take include:-

Recycling of paper, glass, plastic containers/bottles, cardboard, food cans
Wherever possible, we send packaging back to our suppliers for re-use (e.g. egg trays/vegetable trays).

Coffee grinds are emptied over the garden beds and provide a good source of nitrogen to the soil.

Water butts are used to collect rainwater for use on the garden.

We try to source our ingredients as locally as possible and run seasonal menus, which reduces our carbon footprint. We also grow some of our own produce.

Hippo Water Savers are used in all toilet cisterns.

Composting of food waste (wastage kept to a minimum by asking residents to pre-order evening meals). We have now built a large compost area where vegetables/fruit/tea bags and gardening matter can be composted.

Re-usable glass water bottles and glass water tumblers, not plastic, are used in guest rooms.

Flasks of fresh milk and home-made shortbread in glass jars are provided in guest rooms, thereby cutting down on packaging waste.

Guests are encouraged to separate recyclable waste from general waste in their room bins, therefore making it easier for us and our staff to collate and recycle.

Kitchen cleaners are purchased in bulk for dispensing in re-usable spray bottles.

Most light bulbs have been replaced with low energy bulbs (90% of our bulbs are now low energy).

Use of our tumble dryer is kept to a minimum (outside airer and inside drying room are used in most instances).

All lights are switched off during daylight hours. Solar lights are used in the garden.

Electrical equipment is taken off standby and radiators turned down in unoccupied rooms.

All radiators have been equipped with thermostatic valves.

Following room upgrades, old furniture has been donated to local charities.

Improvements have been made to roof insulation and old single-glazed windows replaced (undertaken in 2013).

Office paper is always used both sides and then sent to recycling and used ink cartridges are sent back to the supplier for recycling.

Guests are encouraged to do some exploration of the area on foot or horseback, rather than taking the car everywhere. Exmoor is blessed with an abundance of footpaths and bridleways and we advise guests on the walks they can do from the hotel doorstep.

Staff are trained to be environmentally aware and to assist in achieving our aims of reducing the impact we have on the environment.