Watch the birdies

At this time of year, the birds who visit our garden rely heavily on the food we provide.

It can mean the difference between life and death during the colder weather, so we’re keen to support our feathered friends who eat up many of the pests that attack our GYO crops during the spring and summer months.
We feed our garden birds also to attract them into our garden for pure enjoyment.

Here at the hotel, we find nearly everyone who visits has a highly personal view when it comes to wild bird care. It’s a very emotive subject.
Some enjoy the entertainment value and others feel strongly about the environmental aspects. It’s also a peaceful, gentle and even meditative activity that provides an island of calm in our busy lives.

Most of all, our guests when they come and stay with us love watching the birds in our garden because they care about nature.

Watching wildlife, seeing new birds, identifying them, watching their behaviour and understanding their personalities, provides interest all day long. What can be more relaxing than sitting in the garden watching the birds?

Feeding the birds is also an activity that’s perfect for teaching older children how to care about wildlife and it is something they can do outdoors – away from the television, their mobile phones and handheld tablets.

So, three cheers for our garden birds and here’s to happy days feeding and watching them throughout 2019! Book in soon and you could just be sitting on the patio watching the natural world go by.