Trees for bees – 15 tried and tested trees that provide food for bees

We’re all for gardening here and attracting wildlife to our garden too. We grow lots of fruit and vegetables in our kitchen garden to use in the restaurant but having healthy crops relies on encouraging pollinators to our plot.

We also use Exmoor honey in our kitchen and guests who stay with us can even have it on their breakfast toast.

So, if like us you’re looking to plant trees with a view to keeping your buzzy gardening friends happy next year, then now’s the time to get planning to get them in in the early autumn before the soil gets too cold.

Here are 15 of the nectar lovers’ favourites:

  1. Acer – Maple
  2. Alnus – Alder
  3. Betula – Birch
  4. Castanea – Sweet chestnut
  5. Crataegus – Hawthorn
  6. Fagus – Beech
  7. Fraxinus – Ash
  8. Malus – Crab Apple
  9. Populus – Poplar
  10. Prunus – Cherry
  11. Quercus – Oak
  12. Robinia – Robinia
  13. Salix – Willow
  14. Sorbus – Rowan
  15. Tilia – Lime

Also, if you come and stay with us, we welcome guests into our garden and can recommend lots of other lovely gardens to visit nearby, like Hestercombe and the National Trust’s Dunster Castle, Knightshayes and Arlington Court properties.

If you’d like to book in for a trip to see us and some of the lovely gardens in the area, click here and get in touch.