Tips for young on dishes to master before they hit 30

john-bradleyWe’re trying to encourage young people to master the art of cooking before they reach 30.

As an experienced culinary expert, our John says youngsters should not be put off because they think it’s too difficult to gain the skills needed to be successful in the kitchen.

“In the past, most of us learnt how to cook from our parents and grandparents.

“Cooking and eating together was a daily occurrence, but now, with society changing, and the fact that many parents work, I am finding lots of the younger kitchen staff we get coming in to work with us really need a lot of training, which we’re happy to give. But it got me thinking if these guys don’t know, what about everyone else?

“I think that mastering the basics is a must for every young person, especially if you’re cooking on a budget or out to impress the opposite sex and further down the line, the in-laws!

“Dishes such as chilli con carne, lasagne and spaghetti bolognaise are a good starting point and, also, getting a Sunday Roast perfected will impress too. The basic mince beef/Quorn dishes are very tasty, easy to prepare with minimum fuss and can be done in batches to freeze down for later dates.

“The Sunday roast is a bastion of English tradition and roasting a joint of beef and serving with homemade Yorkshire pudding is going to let your guests see that you really do know what you are doing in the kitchen.

“Having a moreish dessert in your repertoire is always a bonus and an all-round winner has to be banoffee pie. Who can resist that texture combination of crisp sweet pastry filled with toffee and bananas and then topped with softly whipped cream?

“Learn how to make risotto really well too. This is one of those fantastic all round dishes that can be eaten on its own, have ingredients combined in to the basic recipe to create variations or to compliment the main part of your dish such as with fish or chicken.”

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