Time to plant some garlic

November is the perfect time to plant your garlic says our resident Chef Patron and Head Gardener, John.
It will grow in even the poorest of soils as long as it is free-draining, so even beginner gardeners can have a go.

1. Dig over the planting area, scatter a pre-planting fertiliser and rake.
2. Using a cane or string, mark out a planting row and pop your garlic into the soil so the tips are around 5cm below the surface. Space them out around 15 to 20cm along the row.
3. Sit back and wait for the weather to do its thing.

By spring your garlic should be well established and ready for harvesting.

Garlic can also be planted in large containers on a patio if there’s no garden space available.

It can be planted in the spring too. The harvest is often considered to be inferior compared with autumn planting, however the crop is still sufficient, so this shouldn’t put you off!