The West Country is a mecca for cheese lovers

The West Country is a mecca for cheese lovers and Somerset as a county has one of the biggest selections.

We serve a selection of West Country cheeses in our Coleridge Restaurant. We always feature Wookey Hole Cave Aged Cheddar as it sounds a little quirky, but also, as the name suggests, it has been aged in one of the deeper caves at Wookey Hole, which have a year round constant temperature.

The cheese itself is actually from Ford Farm in Dorset, which is where we also get a Smoked Red from as well. Together with these two, we also feature a Brie and there is a Somerset Brie and a couple of nice ones from Cornwall as well such as Curds and Croust Truffler and Cornish Organic Brie.

Lastly is the blue option, which includes a Cornish Blue, Bath Blue and also a Dorset Blue Vinny.

Our John makes his own chutney to serve with the cheese and also Dulce de Membrillo. This latter product is homemade and is made from local quince. It is primarily known as a delicacy in Spain as it is traditionally eaten as a tapas with Manchego cheese. In the UK, it is also known as Quince Cheese, but is actually a dried version of quince jam.

Our chutney is made at the end of every year at harvest time as this is when our next door neighbour’s fig tree is fruiting and is quite abundant. This English fig variety is very versatile and we use them both in the chutney and toasted with Exmoor honey for breakfast. They also make a great starter stuffed with blue cheese and wrapped in Parma ham. The chutney also has the addition of stem ginger to give it a little zing and seems to complement the range of cheeses we offer.