A tasty tart for Chocolate Week

bitter-chocolate-tart-with-clotted-cream-and-raspberry-coulisIt’s National Chocolate Week this month (October 9 to 15, 2017) and we’re supporting the event as it celebrates all things chocolatey and the expertise of pastry chefs nationwide.

We’re sharing John’s Bitter Chocolate Tart recipe using dark chocolate below for you to try at home and we’d love to see photos of any chocolate creations you make at home too.

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Bitter Chocolate Tart serves 10

For the sweet pastry

125gm butter (room temperature)
90gm castor sugar
250gm plain flour
1 egg

Place the butter in a mixing bowl together with the sugar and beat until smooth. Add the egg and resume mixing, adding a little flour to help combine.

Add the remaining flour and beat quickly until the mixture has formed a dough. Remove from the mixing bowl and wrap in cling film and refrigerate to rest for 20mins.

Once rested, roll out the pastry to 3mm thickness and line a 30cm tart case.

Using either rice or baking beads and parchment, the pastry base is blind baked at 185°C for 12 minutes. At this point the rice/beads and parchment must be removed and the tart put back in the oven for the pastry to cook through a little more (approx. four minutes).

Now turn the oven down to 110°C.

Allow to cool and then move on to prepare the chocolate filling.

300ml double cream
80ml milk
350gm dark chocolate (use good quality min 70 cocoa solids) broken in to pieces
3 eggs beaten

To make the filling

Place the milk and cream in to a saucepan and bring to the boil. Place the chocolate in a large mixing bowl and pour the milk/cream mixture over, stirring until the chocolate has melted.

Whisk in the beaten eggs until fully combined. Pour the filling into the tart case and place in the cooled oven for 20-25minutes or until the filling has just set but with a slight wobble.

Remove from the oven and allow to cool. Refrigerate for one hour, dust with a little cocoa powder and then serve with clotted cream and fresh red fruits such as autumn raspberries.