Snowdrop Valley break on Exmoor with us

snowdrop-galanthusThere’s a truly magical place to visit in this part of the world from January 27 until February 25, 2018 and that’s the Avill Valley, which is near us here on Exmoor.

The area near Cutcombe becomes ‘Snowdrop Valley’ at this time of the year and is carpeted with these delightful, delicate symbols of hope, which also herald the arrival of spring.

There are hundreds of snowdrops in the valley and visitors are allowed access at this time of year only thanks to the Badgworthy Land Company.

Snowdrop Valley has been open to the public officially since 1998, with some visitors returning year on year to this secret valley.

There are several walks, ranging from a short and direct route to the valley using bridlepaths and footpaths to a two-three-hour trek for those wanting to take in more of the surrounding area.

A park and ride service operates from Wheddon Cross and there are popular walking routes for the more able. It can be muddy at this time of year, so walkers are advised to be suitably equipped.

After all the walking, there’s a chance to visit the Snowdrop Café, which is manned entirely by volunteers raising money for local charities, for tea and cake.

Saturday, January 27 to Friday, February 2 and Monday, February 19 to Friday, February 23 are walking only weeks, but during the weekends of January 27 and 28 and February 24 and 25, disabled drivers may obtain a mobility pass from the staff at the Wheddon Cross car park between the hours of 11am and 3pm.

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As we’re just four miles from Cutcombe and the valley, and we re-open for the spring season from February 16, 2018, you can stay with us and spend your days admiring the snowdrops and your evenings, all cosy with us.