Perfect pancakes

lumberjack-pancake-stack-scotch-pancakes-with-grilled-bacon-fried-egg-and-maple-syrup-drizzled-overPancakes are one of the easiest treats to make, however sometimes achieving the perfect pancake isn’t easy.

Want to know how to make sure yours are flip-tastic this year? We asked our chef and co-owner, John, for his top tips.

  1. Be accurate. It is important to make sure you measure all of your ingredients properly as this will ensure your batter is the correct consistency.
  1. For a light and fluffy batter use a large whisk to stir your ingredients together. A larger whisk allows more air to be whipped into the batter. Once mixed your batter should be the consistency of slightly thick single cream.
  1. Be patient and wait for your pan to heat up properly. I recommend heating the pan for around two to three minutes before adding any butter or oil. This should also prevent your pancakes from burning.
  1. Quantity, I usually find a ladle of mixture is enough to make one good sized pancake.
  1. While the pancake is cooking don’t be tempted to press down on it as this squeezes out the air bubbles and ruins the texture.
  1. One common mistake a lot of people make is over-flipping. Generally speaking, one flip is all that’s required and over-flipping can overcook your pancake and make it tough. My top tip is to wait until the batter is bubbly and there is a light browning around the edges before you flip.
  1. So, you have more of a flick when you come to flip your pancake, tilt the pan away from you and allow the pancake to slide to the bottom of the pan.
  1. Don’t give up. If at first you don’t succeed, try and try again. If your first pancake was a disaster don’t get disheartened, the first one is usually always the worst of the batch!