Of all the trees that are in the wood…

holly-ilex-aq-aureomarginata-vr-6-mini-std-32-50The holly and the ivy are two traditional symbols of Christmas.

They are useful decorative plants inside and outside of the home at this time of year.

They can be used for everything from making garlands and wreaths to simply placing on mantelpieces in a rustic display.Evergreens such as Holly and Ivy have been symbols of growth and re-birth particularly in Europe and Western Asia for thousands of years.

They were used in winter festivities as a means of ensuring that spring would return. The plants that we now bring into our homes at Christmas time are taken from pagan midwinter festivals but also have a Christian significance.

When considering winter interest in the garden plant shrubs with berries for example holly and ivy, as they provide a good source of food for birds and small mammals and also encourage insects and invertebrates.