Let it grow, let it grow…

Autumn is a super time for planting and if you’re like our John, who grows his own veggies, fruit and herbs and then cooks it all to serve it up in our award-winning restaurant, then you’ll be thinking of getting started on some planting up and seed sowing for next year.

If you love your broad beans as much as John does, then he suggests sowing overwintering varieties such as ‘Aquadulce’ now, as you will then be able to have an early crop in summer 2019.

Now is the time to plant asparagus varieties such as ‘Ariane’, ‘Gijnlim’ and ‘Purple Pacific’ too. We don’t grow our own varieties here but prefer to buy from local supplier Withycombe Asparagus at Court Place Farm near Dunster.

You can’t cut them for the first couple of years, however once established you should be able to harvest them for up to 15 years.

As we’re having a warm autumn, you will be able to grow salad leaves this month too. Have a go with a ‘Winter Salad Cut & Come Again Mix’, which includes chard, lettuce and wild rocket.

They can be snipped throughout winter and are ideal for salads or stir fries. As the name suggests, you can cut them and use them, and they will come again so you should have a plentiful winter supply, as long as conditions aren’t too harsh.