John’s jobs to do in the garden in October

October is an interesting time of year in the garden as the colours begin to change and autumnal hues start to make an appearance.

Despite the weather becoming colder and wetter, there are still some jobs you can get done in the garden this month says our gardening Chef Patron, John.

He suggests:


• Winter lettuces, autumn onion sets and spring cabbages
• Baby cabbage and cauliflower, which will reach maturity by early winter. Great for winter dishes
• Soft fruits like strawberries, raspberries and blackcurrants. Planting now will pay dividends into 2019, when you’ll be able to enjoy eating everything you’ve grown
• Apples, pears and plums will all take a little longer to grow, but they will still yield fantastic results if planted now while the ground is still warm and hopefully frost-free.


• Trim back lavender bushes if you haven’t already done so
• Cut Jerusalem artichokes back to ground level
• Remove yellow leaves from brassicas as they encourage disease
• Cut out the fruited canes of blackberries, loganberries and tayberries.


• Carrots, potatoes and beetroot. Leave parsnips because they tend to taste better after a frost
• Dig up and split old rhubarb crowns
• Once your vegetable patch is clear, dig it over
• Start preparing your soil for next year by digging in compost, manure and organic matter.