John’s culinary guilty pleasure…

bowl-of-cherry-tomatoesWe caught up recently with our co-owner and chef, John to find out what he likes to eat (on the quiet) when he isn’t rustling up lots of delicious dishes for our guests. This is what he had to say:

“My guilty pleasure has got to be the full English breakfast, but only when the ingredients have been well sourced.

“The three main criteria for my perfect breakfast, that have just got to be great quality, are the eggs, free range of course, the bacon, I prefer unsmoked rindless thick cut back bacon, and none of that wafer thin flavourless produce found on supermarket shelves.

“Then the sausages. There are a lot out there, but find a traditional butcher and get a few of his varieties to taste until you find the one for you. I spent a week going to our local butchers, farmers’ markets and various suppliers trying everything they had, before I found the one that I now use.

“Field mushrooms are much nicer than button ones. If grilled with a knob of butter, they just add that extra wow to your breakfast.

“Supermarket tomatoes can be very watery and tasteless as they are grown on such scale that their quality is second rate, so if you are not in a position to grow your own toms, get them from your local fruit and veg market, veg box scheme or similar.

“A couple of slices of toast together with a pot of freshly brewed coffee, and I have a perfect Sunday morning feast!”

We’re now serving our famous brunches and a selection of light lunches to non-residents every Sunday during the spring and summer season. So, if you’d like to have one of John’s full Exmoor breakfasts, do get in touch to book in.