How to create a party on your patio

Our patio is an invaluable additional outdoor space that is in constant use when the weather is fine. If you’re looking to do some outdoor entertaining this summer, here Jane offers her tips on creating the perfect patio for a party:

• Be sure to choose furniture that suits your outdoor space. Think about the size of your patio, decking or balcony and how many people you would like to entertain and are able to accommodate.

• Flexibility is vital too – if in the future you move home you’ll want to think about how you can extend your furniture or match it with other items should you move to a home with a bigger outdoor space.

• Good quality outdoor furniture can be an investment and you want it to last so it’s important to go for weather resistant wood and to use covers to protect it too.

• Violet is the colour of the season, so if you want to be bang on trend opt for violet toned cushions and accessories. But beware that colours can date, so choosing a traditional green or blue might be better if you don’t want to have to update your look again next year!

• A vivid colour scheme for accessories can quickly update your outside look – feature this colour in candle holders, table wares and cushions.

• Use various different types of lighting to extend the time you’re able to use your outdoor space – for example use some solar lights, as well as candles, and remember to select some candles that repel insects.