Handy hints on how to have a great garden party

buntingLong summer evenings mean now is the perfect time of year for alfresco entertaining and, so far, we’ve had some great weather, so here’s hoping we get some lovely August days too.

Here are our handy hints and top tips on how to make sure you have an outdoor party your guests will remember that’s environmentally-friendly too.

  • Think local when buying your party food – if you can’t grow your own, look for British-grown lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers and courgettes and find your nearest good farm shop. Ready-washed bags of salad often come from overseas and use up a lot of energy to get to us.
  • Get your meat from a local butcher. Buying locally helps reduce your carbon footprint and means you’re backing businesses in your community too.
  • Why not make your own drinks? Elderflower champagne is easy to brew and tastes delicious!
  • Create an ambience with some lighting and ensure the evening lasts longer – go for larger lanterns with candles and a few cheery tea lights on your table. Light citronella candles to help keep the pesky bugs away.
  • Use solar powered lanterns too. They can create a sophisticated look if used cleverly.
  • Label a couple of bins for glass and cans, so people know where to pop their empties and this will help with the recycling when you come to tidy up at the end of the evening.
  • Buy biodegradable plates and cutlery to make cleaning up easier and to ensure you’re not adding to the nation’s ever-increasing landfill.