Grow your own figs

_dsc4435-figsAt this time of year, the figs in our garden are starting to come into their own and in September, if not sooner, we’ll be using them for all sorts of dishes in the restaurant.

Our John isn’t just a talented chef he also knows a thing or two about gardening and here he gives his advice on how to grow your own figs.

“Figs need the hottest spot in your garden and are best grown in large pots, as they have very strong roots and unless they are confined they can cause structural damage.

“Depending on where in the UK you live, then they may produce fruit three times a year or just once, and in northern areas you may need to protect them with fleece in the winter months.

“Figs do very well in containers, as restricting their roots encourages fruiting. Choose a good hardy variety that is suitable for growing outdoors such as ‘Brown Turkey’, which is perfect for the British climate if grown in a sunny sheltered spot, ideally against a south or west facing wall.

“Figs can be planted all year round, so don’t be afraid of taking on autumn planting activities while the soil is still warm.”