Fruit for the patio or small garden

You don’t need to have a vast garden, allotment or orchard to grow your own fruit and bushes and trees can thrive in small spaces and patio pots.

With some planning and care if you can produce fruit of some sort from the tiniest plot.


If you are keen to make your own raspberry jam, a favourite of our gardening guru and Chef Patron John, then in the autumn, so around now, pot up some canes/the stalks the fruit grows on.

Go for no more than three canes per 30cm pot. Make sure the compost is kept moist but not over wet and that you feed them every month with a liquid fertiliser such as Miracle Gro.


‘Ben Sarek’ is a particularly good variety for the small garden as it grows into a neat, compact bush about 1 metre tall. The bushes are vigorous and frost resistant. Fill a 50cm pot with good quality compost.

Before you pop the plant and compost in the pot, place a layer of stones or broken terracotta pieces in the bottom of the container to help with drainage. You will need to trim the roots if they come out of the pot bottom and to re-pot your bush every couple of years.


Grow one plant in a 15cm pot, a strawberry planter or a hanging basket. Protect the fruit from birds, mice and slugs and snails. It’s better to plant them in the spring time