Easy herbs and how to grow them

If you have ever wondered what a herb actually is, then here is a beginners’ guide to herbs created by our chef patron and head gardener, John.

What is a herb?

A herb is any plant used for flavouring food, in medicine or to make perfume.

How do I use herbs?

Use the leafy green parts of the plant either fresh or dried to make dishes taste better. With lavenders you can also use the flowers.

What are the most common herbs to grow?

Basil, mint, thyme and parsley.

Where can I grow herbs?

On a kitchen windowsill in pots, in a pot outside your back door or in the ground in your garden.

What do I need to grow herbs?

If you grow them indoors you need some nice-looking pots and some multi-purpose compost.

On your patio you will need a pot and some multi-purpose compost. In the ground you just need a sunny weed free spot.