Cook with homegrown herbs this summer

_dsc5310-thymeNow’s the time for planting herbs. Conditions are perfect in the summertime while the weather is warm and hopefully the livin’ is easy!

Our gourmet gardener, co-owner and top chef, John gives his tips below on how you can get the best from your homegrown herbs.

Before you do anything, consider where you will put your herbs. They prefer a sunny spot, which is protected from the wind. If you’d like to pop them in the ground rather than in containers, then they like a well-drained soil.

It’s a good idea to have your herbs near the kitchen, so you can easily slip on your wellies or flipflops and potter out for some sprigs or leaves when required. The fresher they are, the better it will be for all your dishes.

Make sure if you are growing them in ground that it is well weeded and you have dug in plenty of garden compost before planting.

Growing herbs in pots is a good option too, as they are easy to care for and give a certain flexibility.

Keep snipping away at your herbs. Giving them a trim keeps the plants looking good for longer and encourages more new growth.

New, fresh leaves tend to be the most aromatic so regular haircuts are especially needed with thymes, sages and tarragons.