Come to Exmoor and relax

Being stressed out can have a negative effect on your body as it produces adrenaline, which can upset the balance of your hormones and impact on your health.

This can cause spots, make dry skin even drier and flakier, as well as leading to under-eye bags, fine lines and the greying and thinning hair, plus a whole host of other complaints.

The run-up to Christmas can be a testing time, so here are a few our tips to help you de-stress:

Exercise regularly

It is well-known that exercising helps to boost endorphins and reduces stress. Twenty minutes each day is all you need to reap the benefits.

You could sign up to classes at your local gym, go for a swim or exercise in the comfort of your own home and pop on a workout DVD or Youtube video.

Or you could get out into the countryside and do some strolling, ambling or full on rambling. There are more than 750 miles of ‘Rights Of Way’ here on Exmoor.

It also has 69,280 hectares or 267 sq. miles of picturesque undulating countryside waiting to be explored by foot, horse or mountain bike.

If you’re feeling more adventurous you could also take up coasteering. This activity includes jumping off rocks into deep blue waters, swimming through caves and the chance of seeing porpoises, gannets, sun fish, star fish and other amazing sea creatures.

Take up a hobby

Here in Somerset you could start collecting fossils. On Kilve beach, which is close to us, it is fairly easy to find ammonite among the pebbles. The locals in the past called them ‘St Keyna’s serpents’ thinking they were snakes turned to stone by the saint.

Adult colouring is huge at the moment, so spend from thirty minutes to an hour, or even more, with a colouring book and pencils. Concentrating on the colouring and staying within the lines helps you focus on something else and takes your mind off negative thoughts.

If colouring isn’t for you, then there are plenty of other things you can do here such as reading, knitting, drawing, staring out of the window and enjoying the view or getting out and more active. The list is endless.

If you wish to read, colour or do any other laid-back activities, then during the winter months our wood burning stove will be roaring away in our lounge and you’re welcome to take it easy on our comfy sofas.