10 fun facts about apples

Next month it’s National Apple Day (October 21) and, as we grow our own apples here and love to use them in our kitchen, we’ve been doing some research about the fruit and here are 10 fun facts we’ve found out:

1. Fossilised remains of apples have been found in prehistoric lake settlements in Switzerland.

2. Romans used apples as a beauty product by pulping the fruit and mixing it with lanolin to make a face cream.

3. In 1965, an apple weighing in at over 3lb was produced in Herefordshire.

4. Apple trees are members of the Rose family of plants.

5. An old legend holds that unless it rains on St Peter’s Day, June 20, the apple crop will be poor in the autumn.

6. Apple bobbing was used to predict which child would marry. The first to get hold of an apple would be the next to walk down the aisle.

7. Apples can be used to rapidly ripen other fruit as they produce a natural ripening agent, the gas ethylene.

8. In Tudor times, Norwich was described as ‘either a city in an orchard or an orchard in a city’

9. According to religious belief, a piece of the forbidden apple stuck in Adam’s throat, hence the lump in the front of a man’s neck became known as the ‘Adam’s Apple’.

10. In Shakespearean Britain, apples were served with Caraway as a dessert. In Henry IV, Shallow offers Falstaff: ‘a pippin and a dish of caraway’.