Monthly Archives: January 2018

Stay with us and visit ‘Snowdrop Valley’ – special offer

There’s a truly magical place to visit on Exmoor from January 27 until February 25, 2018 and that’s the Avill Valley also known at this time of year as ‘Snowdrop Valley’. The area near Cutcombe, which is not far from us, is carpeted with these delightful, delicate symbols of hope, which also herald the arrival […]

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Fossils, brandy and intrigue on the Somerset coastline

The coastline of the Exmoor part of Somerset has an interesting history making it the perfect place for an intriguing weekend break this spring (2018). Here you can find fossils, hear about smugglers, poets and spies and visit the places where they frequented while making your own magical memories to take home. On Kilve beach […]

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10 things to do in the Quantock Hills

The wonderful thing about living where we do is that we’ve not only got Exmoor on our doorstep we’ve also got the Quantocks too. They celebrate their 62nd anniversary this year (2018) as an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB). The Quantocks was made an AONB in 1956 but since then it seems to have […]

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