Monthly Archives: April 2017

Best foot forward for Exmoor’s Walking Fest

Exmoor’s annual Walking Festival takes place this month (May, 2017) under the banner of a new overall outdoor event in a bid to help encourage more walkers to the area. It includes a series of organised events such as guided walks through forests, on the hills, over coastal paths and moorland and through picturesque rural […]

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Eating seasonally in the spring

Whether growing your own fruit or veg or buying it from your local market, our co-owner and chef John says look out for what has been grown in the UK, as it will generally have been grown according to the season it thrives in. And there are several big advantages to eating seasonally grown produce. […]

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Withycombe Asparagus

Asparagus spearheads our chef’s campaign

We’re championing Exmoor’s food heroes, smallholders, kitchen table top producers and garden growers again this year (2017). This May our co-owner and chef, John will be selecting the asparagus he uses in his kitchen by hand at Withycombe Asparagus near Minehead. John says: “We’re very lucky in these parts to have lots of lovely asparagus […]

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Kitchen in chaos? John can help!

When John and Jane re-opened the hotel for the new season after their winter break back in February, John spent some time focusing on his kitchen. Here are some of his favourite tips for de-cluttering: First things first – before you do anything make a plan. Think about what you’re currently storing and where, and […]

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