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Christmas wines

Wines to go with Christmas Day Lunch

Why not start with an aperitif of bubbly such as a light and refreshing Prosecco. We stock an excellent example from the Valdobiaddene region, which is one of the best areas in Italy for growing Prosecco grapes. With the main event, if you prefer to stick with white wine then something that has a bit of […]

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Mistletoe & bells

The history of mistletoe

Mistletoe has its origins in pagan times. It was held sacred by the Druids and was said to protect babies from evil if placed above cradles. In France it is the Herbe de la Croix, thought to be the wood from which Christ’s cross was made. Where the kissing comes in is a little bit […]

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Table setting treated - Copy - Copy

Have a stress-free Christmas dinner

Here’s our guide to having, hopefully, a stress-free Christmas lunch. Make a list, then another and another – you can never have enough lists and there is nothing worse than missing something vital when everything else is perfect. Prepare as much as you can the day before. As far as possible go for pre-prepared items […]

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Herbs - Copy

It’s tea thyme!

Making your own herbal tea from the herbs in your garden, patio or windowsill is simple and fun. You can make a cuppa with fresh herbs or dry them to use during the winter months. Our favourites for tea-making include chamomile, jasmine, lemon verbena, peppermint, thyme and rosemary. For a quick and easy cup of […]

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Christmas pudding - Trish Kennedy (2) resized

Christmas puddings

It’s Stir-Up Sunday this weekend (November 22, 2015) when the hearty among us make their own Christmas puddings. Here are six things you might not know about our humble pud… It was once ‘banned’ by Oliver Cromwell as he felt it was gluttonous. He also tried to ban Christmas completely in 1644. Bah humbug! It […]

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sloe gin bottles

Sloe to get started

This year looks to be a bumper year for hedgerow fruits and now is the perfect time to start foraging and harvesting the berries, which have been ripening during the summer months. One often overlooked fruit is the sloe, but be warned, as lovely as they look, sloes are too bitter and sour to eat […]

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Time to love Exmoor

We are calling on our colleagues in the tourist industry to help give Exmoor an extra boost this autumn and winter (2015). We think the moor and its Heritage Coast doesn’t receive the recognition it is due. This area of Somerset and its coastline is often overlooked, but it’s a great place full of hidden […]

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